Friday, April 3, 2009

I can't believe this isn't April Fool's...

I would like to see a stick actually strung up with this "mesh" and hear a review of how it works.
Hemplax man, send me a stringing kit and I will review it for you and get your name out there if it is a decent product or better.

That is all.

PotD - Artistic Lax shots

A kid I used to coach down in Perth, Australia has turned into quite a little photographer when he is injured due to Surfing. He takes pictures of training for the Wembley Lacrosse Club in Perth and does a fantastic job. Good on ya, mate!

weekend PREview!

And the laxiest weekend of the year yet is upon us!

Maryland heads to Navy tonight for an all MD match up. Should be a good game with Navy's disciplined Defense and Maryland's over sized offense. The difference in this game will come from Maryland's offensive middies. If they can pop in a couple extra goals, I like the Terps. On Saturday, Albany visits the Hop where the Jays should cruise to at least a 4 goal win, likely more. Colgate and Lehigh do battle in PA. I like the Mountain Hawks in a close one at home. This could be one of the best match ups this weekend yet it gets absolutely no press, which is a shame. Princeton Plays Cuse at Giants Stadium in Jersey and Princeton could upset the Orange in this match up, I think Syracuse will rise to the occasion as they often do on the biggest stages and wins in a one or two goal thriller. UVA and UNC also face off at Giants Stadium and until UNC wins an ACC game, I'm going to continue picking against them. 5 years, no conference wins. WOW. Hofstra also plays Delaware at Giants Stadium but I like Hofstra by a bunch after a close first half.

Tonight NDNU from Cali heads to LI to face Merrimack of Massachusetts. NDNU is competitive but I can't see them hanging with 'Mack. Merrimack is a really good team this year and could really compete for the NCAA Div 2 NC assuming they keep it up. I can't see them tripping against NDNU though. On Saturday, Bentley travels to LeMoyne and Bentley is better than some think so if I were going to pick a major upset in Div 2 this weekend, this would be the game. However, I am NOT picking an upset this weekend and I think the Dolphins will take this one by a couple. NY Tech heads to CW Post to take on the Pioneers. I will take the reigning champs, Tech, in this one hands down. Unless Post's FOGO paints his face like Lattimer from The Program again... in that case, it is anyone's game. Also Post players love neon lax heads so... respek.

The NESCAC games in Div 3 will provide some great action... check out this link to see a ton of predictions and insider info:

Endicott and WNEC could be an AWESOME game... it will decided the Commonwealth Tourney seeding for one thing and could preview the Conference championship game. Both of these teams could be Pool C bids if the lose the AQ Pool A bid. Hampden-Sydney v. Roanoke and Ithaca at RIT will be really big games with big time In-Region consequences. I think Ithaca will remain undefeated at this point but RIT will definitely show us just how good the Bombers really are. I think Noke will keep its winning ways as well. WAC travels to Gburg in what should turn out to be a fantastic game. Both of these teams have won and lost games to good teams and it should be a really emotional tilt. I like WAC by 1 or two in PA.

On the MCLA tip, Michigan faces off against TWO top 10 teams in 2 days. Friday they take on #7 Minnesota-Duluth and then on Saturday they take on #8 Colorado State. Gotta love the fearlessness of MCLA teams... they will take on anyone, anywhere at any time. Michigan just beat #4 BYU so I expect them to take both of these teams down but it won't be easy. Simon Fraser [that undefeated Canadian team in the MCLA] heads South to #11 Oregon on Friday and then plays unranked Oregon State on Sunday. The Clansmen are true contenders this season and having a Canadian national champion [I guess they would actually be an INTERnational champion but whatever] would be great for the MCLA and college lacrosse in general. #4 BYU takes on #17 Colorado at home. I like BYU easily against the Buffs. On the Div 2 side of the MCLA the best game of the week looks to be Kennesaw State - Tennessee Wesleyan. TW is 5-6 but ranked at #9 while KS is #15 in the poll. TW has some sweet uniforms with the white and gold while KS has something else... an undefeated 11-0 season to protect. I like the visitors in this one to keep it going.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

from the SuperFans' mouths II

Today I have insider [and actually trustworthy] info on Conn College and Williams, two struggling NESCAC teams as well as Trinity and Wesleyan:

Connecticut College [comments from Williams game] - "very unimpressed with Conn. their offense revolves heavily around the midfield. they do a lot of inverting with the midfield. their attack seemed okay, with #38 as the only attackman that'd dodge hard. the other two 16 and 19 were more off ball guys not really looking to dodge. on defense they run a zone, I thought they should have played more man since their close D is all big, tall, athletic dudes. i thought they were aggressive and threw good checks whenever they got the chance, but the zone limited their aggressiveness. played mostly a soft ride. really didn't pressure the ball too much."

Williams [comments from Conn game] - "they have a good young attack. #38 Hawley, is a big, strong kid who's definitely looking to shoot first. #12 and #19 are solid attackmen/midfielders, cant remember [exactly]what they played. both capable of dodging to shoot or feed. also, #7 and #9 played attack, both small, shifty guys looking more to feed than dodge. but capable nonetheless.
#28 is their best midfielder. big, strong kid looking to dodge to score.
their long pole #15 i think is downright nasty. strong, athletic tough kid looking to throw takeaway checks."

Trinity [comments from Wesleyan game] - "Wells is a good little fogo. Trinity has struggled a lot on O. Trin can’t settle the ball on O and trying to force the crease a lot which is obviously leading to picked off shots by Borerro and the zone d. Some spurts of brilliance from Trin but very short lived (mostly harper cullen)."

Wesleyan [comments from Trinity game] - Wes is dominating faceoffs – probably 80% for Wes. I didn’t expect it to be that lopsided. Follansbee looking pretty solid on attack. Borrerro has been mostly untested. IMO Wes has been winning the GB battle by a lot - But they’ve had a lot of unforced turnovers."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PotD - RIT v. Wick

RIT and Hartwick both got Riddell Helmets this year and I must say they look pretty good. The most important feature of the helmet though is its safety factor. Supposedly kids who are concussion prone will benefit from a Riddell helmet... looking good is just an added bonus!

April Fool's Day - we get it.

April Fool's Day is over. Over in the sense that few are fooled anymore because everyone is so darn clever and snarky. People still try though and sometimes it pays off. In response to the recent season cancellations and suspensions has provided us with this post to lighten the mood:

from the SuperFans' mouths

Re: Bates at Tufts

my secret source says, "Tufts 22 bates 3. $%#!ing beatdown. Probably one of the biggest margins in nescac in a long time"

I would have to agree with my source without even seeing the game... 22-3 is never pretty!

Tufts is looking like a real contender as they beat the teams they should and murder everyone else.

PotD - NEW Maverik Neon Juice - custom string job