Thursday, April 2, 2009

from the SuperFans' mouths II

Today I have insider [and actually trustworthy] info on Conn College and Williams, two struggling NESCAC teams as well as Trinity and Wesleyan:

Connecticut College [comments from Williams game] - "very unimpressed with Conn. their offense revolves heavily around the midfield. they do a lot of inverting with the midfield. their attack seemed okay, with #38 as the only attackman that'd dodge hard. the other two 16 and 19 were more off ball guys not really looking to dodge. on defense they run a zone, I thought they should have played more man since their close D is all big, tall, athletic dudes. i thought they were aggressive and threw good checks whenever they got the chance, but the zone limited their aggressiveness. played mostly a soft ride. really didn't pressure the ball too much."

Williams [comments from Conn game] - "they have a good young attack. #38 Hawley, is a big, strong kid who's definitely looking to shoot first. #12 and #19 are solid attackmen/midfielders, cant remember [exactly]what they played. both capable of dodging to shoot or feed. also, #7 and #9 played attack, both small, shifty guys looking more to feed than dodge. but capable nonetheless.
#28 is their best midfielder. big, strong kid looking to dodge to score.
their long pole #15 i think is downright nasty. strong, athletic tough kid looking to throw takeaway checks."

Trinity [comments from Wesleyan game] - "Wells is a good little fogo. Trinity has struggled a lot on O. Trin can’t settle the ball on O and trying to force the crease a lot which is obviously leading to picked off shots by Borerro and the zone d. Some spurts of brilliance from Trin but very short lived (mostly harper cullen)."

Wesleyan [comments from Trinity game] - Wes is dominating faceoffs – probably 80% for Wes. I didn’t expect it to be that lopsided. Follansbee looking pretty solid on attack. Borrerro has been mostly untested. IMO Wes has been winning the GB battle by a lot - But they’ve had a lot of unforced turnovers."

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