Thursday, March 5, 2009

D3 upset alert

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Some notables:

This is a huge win for Stevenson. They have been accused of never winning a big game and this win certainly debunks the validity of that statement.

I applaud the Gburg and Stevenson players on the amount of dyed heads present in this game. The Stevenson guys didn't even have dye jobs with their team colors... Respek! However, certain components of both of their uniforms are pretty disgusting. The Gait helmet just doesn't look that good, does it? From my own [limited]experience, I didn't think it was particularly comfortable nor did it provide great vision. Maybe if the Visor were orange too? maybe...

Stevenson's gloves look like something you would buy at the Sports Authority on Clearance Sale although the rest of their uniforms looked really good. I know it is all about how you play and not how you look while doing it but there is no law against looking good so both squads can afford to try a little harder next time, ok?

I still dig the neon shoe laces purely on a style level but when you combine it with the cause they help support [] it just doesn't get any better than that!

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