Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hobart 2009

A lot of people are talking about Hobart right now on the Division 1 side of things. Currently, they are 5-0, are playing great D and getting done on the offensive end when they have to. They haven't been putting up a TON of points although they did drop 15 goals on Georgetown last weekend. The Statesmen haven't played the best competition so far as none of the teams they have beaten have a winning record or are even considered perennial contenders save for the seemingly ever-disappointing Georgetown. They have also beaten Binghamton, Providence, St. Joe's and Bucknell. Coming up they have Rutgers, who is 1-5, then the Cuse in the dome followed by an easier game with Fairfield. I think they will win 2 out of 3, dropping the Upstate challenge game to Cuse. After that their road doesn't get any easier with games against PSU, UMass, St. John's, Canisius, Loyola and they finish up with a tough Cornell team. I don't think they will win all of those games but I must say I think they have a good shot against PSU, UMass and Loyola. Hobart should certainly beat Canisius and I like them over in St. John's in a one or two goal win at this point in the season. I think they will struggle with Cornell almost as much as I think they will struggle with Cuse. A lot of lacrosse is left to play but these next 3 games will determine what people think of Hobart. Win one, and people will bash you. Win 2 and people will get what they expect. Win all 3? people will be talking potential NC. Regardless of what happens, it is nice to see Hobart up in the top division and doing well instead of in Division 3 where they would be the top dog along with Salisbury.

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