Monday, March 23, 2009

weekend review IV

It was an interesting weekend of lacrosse for sure. Most of the games went the way I thought they would but some did not. I'll cover the upsets, the statements games and add in some other stuff just for fun.

Colgate beat Navy 10-9. Both of these teams are very good but neither has a real shot at the NC. One of them MIGHT be able to make the Final Four if they get into the tourney and get a decent bracket. Duke beat Gtown and is gelling more and more. the Blue Devils could be dangerous later on. Lehigh kept the close wins coming with a 10-9 victory over St. John's in OT. I like where the Mountain Hawks are headed and in a season or two they could be a very competitive team at the highest levels. MD beat UNC. UNC lax must hate being in the ACC at this point. JUST WIN ONE IN-CONFERENCE GAME! JUST ONE! Umass is looking better as well as they beat a very talented Loyola team. A lot of people thought Zoomass would be down after the issues/arrests/suspensions from last season but the Gorillas seem to be coming together and moving forward. Rutgers got their 2nd win of the season over previously undefeated Hobart in a low-scoring affair. Hobart's D is good but they seriously need better offensive production if they are going to win any of their games coming up. The level of competition they face in upcoming weeks is better than Rutgers. Cuse rolled on, UMBC won a close one and UVA beat Hopkins 16-15 in a barn burner. UVA looked really dangerous with kids who can create and score all over the field. They have attackmen, middies and even defensemen who can push transition and create where nothing previously existed. Hopkins looked really good too and they are starting to come together. After seeing the game on TV, I would now say that Cuse, UVA and Hopkins are the 3 front runners for the NC. I know, what a surprise! ha.

LeMoyne snuck by CW Post in Div 2 action 6-5 while NY Tech beat Dowling 9-8. Division 2 is very close this year and although the Division is small, 5-6 teams could win the NC. This represents a DRASTIC change of opinion from previous posts where I really thought only Tech and LeMoyne were real contenders.

Most of the D3 action [and there was a lot of it!] went as predicated with some upstate exceptions. RIT lost to Hartwick as Johnny Meade had 17 saves. Ithaca beat Cortland 11-8 with a real team effort. Roanoke beat Cabrini 16-13 and until Cabrini starts beating the teams they should AND the teams they are neck and neck with, they will stay out of my top 10. Cabrini has a LOT to prove at this point in the season. Stevenson on the other hand, kept right on winning with a 12-10 decision over Lynchburg. This is the first time in a while where Salisbury isn't only worried about not winning the NC but they should also be worried about not winning the CAC! WAC needed OT to beat McDaniel 9-8 and WNEC continues to impress with a 10-9 win over Naz.

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