Monday, March 9, 2009


Read this:

then read this:

so basically these schools and by extension, the NCAA are saying:

a)wrongs perpetrated by college students [just the kids] are worse than wrongs by YOUR OWN ATHLETIC DEPT/STAFF[PAID ADULTS, KIDS AND COACHES!].

b)drinking alcohol is bad, even though [at 21 years of age] it is legal.

c)cheating is kind of bad but really not that bad. next time, just don't get caught! tsk, tsk, slap on the wrist.

d)The NCAA has no teeth and is a slave to the money-earning sports and "academic" institutions.

So... WOW. I am appalled at FSU, the NCAA and Division 1 sports in general. The point of college is academics. PERIOD. Therefore, when serious academic violations are reported the response should be swift and meaningful, unlike what happened with FSU. These "students" should be suspended or even expelled and the tutors, coaches and administrators should be fired. Conduct violations [like what happened at ASU] are embarrassing for the University and the students involved and are quickly remedied by the suspension of the team but cheating scandals are far worse because they bring in to question why the students-athletes are even called students in the first place.

Duke's lacrosse season was cancelled by the school because of an off-campus party and allegations that in the end proved to be false. ASU's season was cancelled due to hazing and drinking. If this thinking continues logically, FSU's entire athletics department should be suspended for a year because the problems there are clearly systematic and widespread, yet the school did very little on top of the pathetic NCAA penalties.

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