Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wagner WINS! Blue Hose lose... again

Everywhere you look online, someone is congratulating Wagner on their "great" win to snap their 48 game losing streak. While I agree that it is nice for a team to win one once in a while, Wagner did so against the team that will likely replace them as the longest losing steak in NCAA division 1 lacrsosse, the Presbyterian Blue Hose of South Carolina. At this point, PC hasn't won a game and doesn't look like it is going to. They finished 2008 at 0-11 and are o-5 so far in 2009. A win is great and I truly hope Wagner can build on it but until the wins start to come against decent opponents, I don't think all this celebrating is really needed.

It is one thing when a Div 3 team pulls of something like this [see Hood as a perfect example] because Division 3 sports are a little more laid back focusing on participation but Division 1 teams should always be looking to win and improve. If sports aren't that important that the school can dedicate the appropriate resources, then the institution in question should move to a different division, reduce costs and increase their academic priorities.

I'll be pulling for both Wagner and Presbyterian to improve but if they don't I would hope that their respective administrations would address why exactly they need to be Division 1 schools.

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