Friday, March 20, 2009

Ursinus? MY sinus.

What is going on with Ursinus' men's lacrosse team?

The rumors are flying and until I hear something a little more reliable I won't speculate TOO wildly but wow... team goes to California, plays some lax and now the coaches are done-zo apparently. Their spots have been vacated on the men's lacrosse page and there is no contact info for the position listed on the school's directory.

The Bears' game this weekend does not look like it will be played and there will be a meeting between the President's office and the players in the next day or so. Ursinus had high hopes coming into this season so let's hope the kids didn't blow it like ASU's MCLA team managed to do.

I doubt Ursinus will have trouble filling the vacant coaching spot but... wow. Something must have happened to precipitate action like this whether it is justified or not remains to be seen as details emerge.
UPDATE: Ursinus has hired a new coach [Jamie Steele] and the team will continue its season.

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