Monday, March 23, 2009

Random thoughts on lax fashion and function

The weekend has come to a close and there is always subject matter to discuss beyond the weekend review of games.

1)Western New England College has no, I repeat, NO stickers on their helmets. I find this odd as few other teams go this route but I must say it looks good and helps keep costs down. I'm sure that is what they do it.

2)UVM and Lehigh got new helmets. Both are HUGE improvements over the ugly buckets they were wearing before. Lehigh's uniforms in general are pretty awesome when you consider the colors they have to work with: Brown, gold and white. The Gold face masks are particularly sweet.

3)CW Post has awesome uniforms. They also have some great lime green dyed stick on the squad as well as some other groundbreaking dye jobs. leave it to the LI boys to keep coming up with interesting stuff. I usually don't call people out on ridiculous behaviour and it could be said that I encourage it but one thing I do not encourage is painting your entire face to look like Lattimer from The Program. CW Post FoGo #16, I'm looking at you. shockingly poor.

4)the last point I will make is that when I look through pictures of Duke games, I see Max Quinzani [and others, but he is the most high profile] thumbing the head of their stick. It is illegal for any part of the hand to touch the plastic yet #8 gets away with it non-stop. Either the refs need to start calling this or the NCAA should remove the rule. What was the point of getting rid of draw strings when you won't call thumbing? I expect this to be resolved in typical NCAA fashion... meaning in 4-5 years.

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