Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1 lacrosse - New guy on the block

1lacrosse is a new lacrosse company that so far produces shafts, stringing kits and a head called the Aon. they have been featured on e-lacrosse [] and while they are similar to some of the big boy manufacturers, there are also many differences.

1lacrosse was not started by one of the Powells or Gaits. It was not started by an All-American who played at Princeton, Syracuse or Hopkins. It was started by a guynamed Brian DeSpain from Texas A&M's MCLA club team and the company seems to be more about spreading the game of lacrosse than making butt loads of money. I'm sure they are looking to turn a profit at 1lacrosse but it doesn't seem to be their sole motivation.

They are similar to the big boys like Warrior and STX in that they have their equipment produced in China. Beyond that, they are VERY different. Their head retails for about $60 strung as opposed to the $90+ many other companies charge. The offset is minimal and the head is strong and stiff. The plastic they use seems to be a little different than the shiny plastic many other munfacturers employ. I have one of their sticks and to me, it seems like a great wand for either a top-level FOGO or a feeder type player to use.

Check out the e-lacrosse article [as usual, they do a great job covering new lax gear!] and go to 1lacrosse's website:

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