Thursday, February 12, 2009

MLL Craziness! Part II

So the MLL is improving its social networking but reducing the number of teams in the league from 10 to 6? Wow.

Now I know that facebook is the biggest thing ever right now in terms of popularity. Supposedly it is even worth a lot of money. However, that money is not real money in the sense that the revenues minus the costs simply do not add up to the purported net present value of the asset[the asset being facebook]. The asset's value is SO high that there is even the potential to see a second DotCom style recession where many websites are simply not creating substantial returns [AGAIN!]and then just like the early 2000s we will see a major drop in values.

Back to the lax side of things...

The MLL needs to focus less on gimicks, less on social networking, less on dance teams and more on the actual products that relate to lacrosse. If they want to be successful they should also work on their website BASICS such as: updating scores quickly, supplying photos and game recaps for more than one game a week, streaming games online for a small fee or something along those lines. Facebook is great but why would someone sign up for the MLL's network when they can't even get the lacrosse and business part right first? There really isn't any one place to get good info on the MLL and the fact that the league itself is not providing this much needed info will not help them in the long run. It seems like the league doesn't even believe in its product enough to feature it on its own website!

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