Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MLL Craziness!

Looks like the MLL franchise in Philly is folding. Sad considering that they won the whole shabang a couple of times and were the closest thing the MLL had to a dynasty. LA and San Fran are also going down the drain... or you can place Chi-town on the list and remove one of the Cali squads. Seems like it is still up in the air. The Rochester to Toronto move seems to be real though.

On a side note: If 4 MLL teams actually fold this spring/summer the talent on those teams is going to be dispersed among the 6 teams left over. With Rochester moving to Toronoto, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rattlers [Toronoto Rattlers? that makes about as much sense as the Utah Jazz!] add even more Canadian talent. This means that summer club tournaments may be getting back to the days where they were loaded with Div 1 All-Americans and you could see some of the best lacrosse players in the world for free... and maybe even play against them!

I remember playing with Billy Daye, Bill Edell and a bunch of other Cannons players before the MLL ever started and that opportunity made me a much better player. I remember playing against Paul Gait at Lake Placid and thinking to myself after the game, "I just threw a kayak covering one of the absolute best ever". These were terrific experiences and while I am sad to see the MLL shrink, I will try to look at it as an opportunity for a whole new generation to play against the best of the best in great summer places like Glastonbury, Lake Placid, Vail and all of the other summer club tourneys.

above: Glastonbury action from 2008

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