Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Syracuse and the White on Whites

Cuse rocked the All-White gear and uniform look against Providence in their home opener. Over the course of the entire season I expect to see a bunch of different helmets, jerseys and shorts from 'Cuse as we usually do but the White on White look certainly makes a statement and is dividing lacrosse fashion afficionados right down the middle. Personally, I'm not all that impressed with it and I'm looking forward to what Cuse and Nike come up with next. My opinion on white clothing clearly doesn't matter as much as this guy's though... http://www.sheknowsbest.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/seancombs2-050208-nc-thumb.jpg

I was a huge fan of the all-orange uniforms they wore a few years back in the National Championship game but the All-Whites just aren't the same. check out the link below:

On the Souther fashion tip: can't wait to see what Hopkins unveils next week... expect standard Hop colors and traditional uniform styles/choices with a little tweak here and there to spice things up... kind of like the basic white and black helmet they rocked last year. All of a sudden, the basic helmet didn't look so bad, well at least not when it said "Jays" on the side and I'm not even a Hop fan!

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