Monday, February 2, 2009

Neon Green & Hofstra: A Love Affair.

I love that Division 1, 2, and 3 Men's Lacrosse teams have been wearing ugly neon green shoe laces in honor of Nick Colleluori and the Headstrong Foundation. I love that Hofstra rocked the full neon green ugly look for the 2nd annual Nick Colleluori Headstrong Tournament at Ridley HS in PA[]. I loved it all so much, in fact, that I think Hofstra should make it a permanent part of their uniform.

I know that the Pride has a traditional set of colors and they have worn the blue, gold and white forever but then again they did change their name from the Flying Dutchmen so it is obvious that the school does not object to change or feel overly rooted in tradition. If they were willing to downgrade their mascot [it was a downgrade in my opinion anyway!], why wouldn't they be willing to UPgrade their colors for a great cause?

While Neon Green is a trendy color and it would certainly be something to set the school apart, neither of those issues are what truly matter. What truly matters is that Hofstra is doing what it does everyday but by wearing Neon Green they are helping others, setting a good example of service and giving all while making the world a better place. Now, I am sure that there is a rule where all of the teams at a school have to wear the same colors but the either the NCAA should grant Hofstra an exemption [and Hofstra should apply for it!] or Hofstra University as a whole should include Neon Green in ALL of their uniforms. This would not be a move made for good looks or a competitive edge, it would be a change made from the heart and for the benefit of many who struggle against Lymphoma.

Who knew Style and Substance could be the same thing?

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