Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dyed Heads

There is a real lack of color out on lacrosse fields and I'm not talking about the uniforms; they are as colorful, bright and good as they have ever been. Every other team's shoelaces are neon green, the helmets of today come in 20 different colors and our modern gloves are a far cry from the all black L-33 days but there is one aspect of the game that just isn't as colorful as it could be: heads.

So many of today's great players have white heads with white mesh and white shooters. I understand the argument of trying to hide the ball and its point of release up until the last second but I honestly don't think that seeing a white ball come out of a pink head or a white head is going to make much of a difference much when it is moving at 99 mph. I also understand that heads break and kids don't want to put any more effort into getting yet another head ready for game action than they have to but it looks awesome and really gives each kid the chance to be their own person while still adhering to that all-important team mentality.

So to all you HS/College/Club laxers out there: Dye your heads! Be an original! Take a risk! Be a team player but have a little swagger. Attackmen, D-men, Goalies, middies, D-mids; it doesn't matter what position you play but bring some color back to the game and if your coach doesn't mind, do it with some flair! Extra points for neon pink heads a la 2003 Panarelli.

electrical tape is your friend!

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