Friday, February 20, 2009

MCLA: AZ State season is suspended

Arizona State's club lacrosse team has been suspended until August 2009. All of this info could change as the investigation seems to be ongoing and the appeals process is not finished but there are some very interesting issues that this case brings back up, much like the somewhat similar cases in the past at Hartwick and St. Lawrence.

-Student-Athletes need to be more careful and stick to the rules more so than non-student-athletes. Their sport depends on it!

-ASU's lacrosse team has been suspended. Has ASU ever suspended a fully funded athletic program for a similar violation? After all, it's ASU we are talking about here, you know this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

-What can we do as lacrosse players to dispell the notion that we are all just a bunch of party animals? Do we need to follow Petro's code of conduct for his Hopkins boys?

-Has college become too much about partying and activities and not enough about academics? I'm an elitist NESCAC guy so you know my personal answer is "yes".

Sorry to leave Hey Lax Man! at such a low point on a Friday but that's reality!

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