Monday, February 9, 2009

Colorado Lax

So MCLA Colorado State beat NCAA Division 3 Colorado College 10-9 in a scrimmage this February. Unfortunately, it is most likely that this will only add to the raging debate regarding how good Club ball at the College level really is. My take on the situation is... as long as the lax is good, who really cares?

All I want to see is good lacrosse and if it means that Division 1 Denver has to play MCLA BYU to get a good game in without travelling on a plane then I'm all for it. They are not representing their entire conference or division, they are representing themselves, their team and their institution, that is all.

The lacrosse world deserves much better than to succumb to these silly chest thumping competitions and should focus less on which division is the real deal. I have seen debates regarding this very topic on quickly spiral out of control. The truth is, you would not be able to find a college scrimmage of this caliber very often in Colorado ten years ago but now we see great games of lacrosse being played all over the country in places like Colorado, Idaho, Detroit and South Florida just to name a few. If nothing else, this shows great strides made by the game of Lacrosse that show dramatic and sustainable growth. So to all the guys out there arguing about Club ball vs. Division 3 or Division 3 vs. Division 2 lacrosse, you need to get over yourselves and focus on the positive!

Tip of the hat to IL for not making this into the Div 3/MCLA showdown that others try to make it out to be from time to time:

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