Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the Gait Nuclear head

If you click on the following link you can see a new Gait head for 2009 called the Nuclear [or Nuke-u-lar if you are our 43rd President]:


At first it just looks like a newfangled Gait knock off inspired by the old STX Proton sidewall design but then I noticed the throat extension piece that extends down the shaft 2-3 inches with finger grooves on it. The intent is CLEARLY to have players grab the plastic for extra grip but that does not mesh with the rules as currently laid out by the NCAA:

Withholding Ball from Play SECTION 13.
When a loose ball is on the ground, a player may not lie on the ball, trap it with his crosse longer than is necessary for him to control the ball and pick it up with one continuous motion, or withhold the ball from play in any other manner. A player, players or team may not deliberately withhold the ball from play. Repeated actions of this nature may be ruled unsportsmanlike conduct. (See Rule 5-10-d.) Note: A player in possession of the ball who holds his crosse against any part of his body, thus preventing the normal dislodgment of the ball, is illegally withholding the ball from play. The glove hand cannot grasp any portionof the head of the crosse. This is intended to cover faceoffs and a player inpossession of the ball who is “thumbing” the ball or choking up and graspingthe plastic portion of the crosse.

I would love to try this stick out and see if the plastic extension makes any difference or is just another gimmick stick like these that came before it:



I have my doubts that this new "technology" would really help anyone's game, regardless of the fact that it seems to openly flaunt existing NCAA rules. Refs almost never make the call [hand touching the plastic] but it is technically in the rule book. Is this a moot point? Most likely yes. Do I still find it interesting? Yes, so I wrote about it.

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